We are driven by a purpose.

To communicate, connect and experience the value chain of Gastronomy.

We create with a unique mindset.

Made by people, to people and about people, for it is in collective intelligence and co-creation that we feel challenged.

We are in constant evolution.

We learn all the time, from our clients, partners and friends.

The future, just like CASA GASTRONOMIA, has no limits, nor will we define them. This is a project for PEOPLE. So that they feel at HOME (=CASA). Where, together and comfortably, we will question, create, test, explore all the possible and unlikely connections of what unites us all: GASTRONOMY.

What we purpose.

In a symbiotic cycle between Communicating, Connecting, and Experiencing, CASA GASTRONOMIA proposes to contribute to the positive impact on the future of the Gastronomic value chain in 4 areas:

Communication ****


Selecting, producing, creating and sharing multimedia content across multiple platforms.

Design and produce moments of deep connection, immersion and experience.



Develop and application of distinctive formats for skill acquisition.

Creatively support business development and strengthening.

What we have done.


Who we are.

Our Team

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